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The Candles

12oz and 4oz Jars

Paraffin Wax is the highest quality of wax available. Paraffin wax gives the best scent throw when hot; however, if you leave the lid off, you’ll get a great cold scent throw as well!

Every candle is double wicked using a non-zinc wick primed with a high melt point (212°). When used as instructed, my candles have an even burn down and provides over 65 hours burn time on large candles (12oz. jars) and 24 hours burn time on small candles (4oz. jars).

Each candle is triple scented and whisked by hand for over a minute to ensure the fragrance is evenly spread.

When you burn my candles, the scent you love will not fade away!


Helpful Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Candles

  • Burn at least 40 minutes at a time for an even burn down.
  • Wick on candles should be at least ¼” long each time you light them
  • If wicks are too short, they will not light or will not stay lit
  • If a “mushroom” forms on the top of the wicks while or after burning, clip them off before next use
  • Black smoke should not appear; however, if you see black smoke, your wicks are too long and you should clip them to ¼”
  • If the sides of the jar turn black, wipe them with a dry paper towel (for best results, do so while the jar is still warm to the touch)
  • Never leave any lit candle unattended!
  • If a candle ignites, cover it with a metal object to extinguish fire.
  • Do not through water on burning candle!

We do not take any responsibility for damages and/or injuries caused by candles. In the case of an emergency, call 911.