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Tina’s Story

UntitledI would like to share with you how I started making my own candles. I have always enjoyed and have had candles throughout my home since my first apartment. It gives me a great sense of pride when my guests comment on how nice my home smells, or when I am relaxing with a book or watching a good movie and have a relaxing aroma in the background.

Different fragrances affect your mood, and that’s why I decided to make such a wide variety – from party mode to a smaller get together, after a hard day of work or even a stressful day, I have made a fragrance to help you ease into the mood you desire.

Since I knew what I wanted in a candle, I always found myself just smelling away in the candle sections of high-end and discount department stores…even pharmacy chain stores! I would always end up buying the most “known candle name brand”. And I was often buying more of the same fragrances just so that I could place them in different rooms to get the aroma throughout my home and not limit the scent to the one room it was placed in. I also noticed these “name brand” aromas would only be strong for one or two uses. Half-way down the jar, they started to lose their strength.

At one point many years ago, I did find a catalog candle company that sold the kind of product that had everything I wanted in a candle; but, I was paying $30 and up. I justified it by, You get what you pay for.

One day I stumbled across a candle supply company and decided to try and make a candle for my own personal use. I called and ordered the best wax – one that could hold the most fragrance (Paraffin) – the best wicks, dye, and everything else I needed to make a candle. (I never knew how much goes into making candles!) After many trials and errors, and more skin burns than I’d like to count, I’d finally made the perfect candle for myself.
There wasn’t a single person that came into my home that didn’t comment on and love my candles.

I finally made a candle that had everything I wanted in it:

  • A candle that I could place in one room and not only smell the aroma throughout my main floor but, have it travel up to the second floor!!!
  • A candle that seems like it last forever (approximately 100 hours).
  • A candle that has the same fragrance strength from the first time it is lit, to the last (Plus, so much more).

I am proud to put my name on my product. I use my own product. I also, stand behind my product.

I’m looking forward to doing business with you.

God bless,